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Agile Scrum Repair Guide

Your essential companion for solving Scrum problems

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Who is this course for?

Product Owners...

who want a repeatable approach for breaking bad scrum habits

Scrum Masters...

who want practical skills they can apply immediately to coach struggling teams


who want to recognize and fix early signs of dev practices going wrong


who want to be more supportive of their Scrum teams 

"I strongly recommend the course for Scrum teams that need to rethink how they work."
Igor Dimitrov, Yandex Product Manager

What will you learn?

✔︎ Recognize the early signs of Scrum practices going wrong
✔︎ Discover a repeatable approach for breaking bad Scrum habits
✔︎ Get loads of practical activities to run with your team to uncover & fix issues
✔︎ Gain skills you can apply immediately - 10 practical exercises included
✔︎ Learn how to use "Scrum Values" as a day to day decision making tool
✔︎ Join the 0.1% of Agile practitioners who can excel in a Scrum team

What are the course requirements?

The course assumes a basic knowledge of Agile Scrum & Kanban theory including values, roles, events & artifacts.

Course Description

Are you doing Scrum wrong?

Scrum is not an easy framework to get right. Many things can go wrong. While most courses teach you how to use Scrum, The “Scrum Repair Guide” shows you how to fix the most challenging, real-life problems. Use this guide to help your team get back on track so you can focus on shipping high-quality products with maximum speed and efficiency.

What you’ll get from this course

I created this course and packed it with practical, real-world experiences that I’ve gained working with Agile teams around the world.
This is primarily a “learn by doing” course. So all theory is paired with practical exercises we’ll complete together in your workbook.

With this course, you’ll be able to...

  • Pinpoint problems quickly and find solutions before productivity is at risk.

  • Access a set of practical activities to run with your team for evaluating & troubleshooting issues

  • Energize and focus team members so they collaborate more effectively

The practical activities you'll complete include...

  • Evaluating your current team's Scrum maturity

  • 2 "non-awkward" team building activities

  • A sprint retrospective for instilling Scrum values

  • Merging multiple product backlogs

  • And more...

Why do I need a Scrum repair guide?

Agile Scrum is valuable because it is a flexible, lightweight framework. It offers a minimum set of values and practices but doesn't define everything a team needs to do to successfully build and release products. Teams are expected to complement the Scrum framework with practices to suit their unique environment. Many teams struggle in two areas: to 1) how to live by Scrum values and 2) how to adopt complementary practices.

So how do you fix this? In a field where so many teams follow counter-productive practices, copying others won’t work.

This course will help set your team on the right path by showing you how to establish best practices and troubleshoot existing issues

So Let’s Do This! Enroll now and sharpen your Scrum troubleshooting skills.

I’ll see you inside!

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